Three Common Technical Problems with the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is the most fun version of the iPod to date, due to its huge array of additional applications that can provide every service from estimations on car repair to a way to help users stop smoking. However, these additional uses come with a price; there are some technical issues that tend to plague the iPod Touch, although given the device’s complex operating system, not as many as some tech-heads might have been expecting. Here’s a look at a few common technical issues that users of the iPod Touch might come across.

1. Freezing While Using Safari – Some iPod Touch users have reported the Safari browser freezing up occasionally, requiring the user to reset the iPod Touch (if you weren’t aware, the iPod Touch can be reset by holding down the top button until a prompt comes up). This usually occurs when there’s little space on the device, and music is playing while surfing the web. To lower the chances of a freeze, clear some space from your iPod Touch by deleting some applications or music, and try not to use the music player while also browsing with Safari. Recent updates to the iPod Touch OS have helped to clear this problem up, so be sure to update your iPod Touch by connecting it to a computer with the latest version of Apple iTunes.

2. Music Deletion Issues – Some iPod Touch users may see songs spontaneously delete themselves, especially if they’re using two computers. The solution is to first check the sync settings on each computer to make sure that nothing’s different (otherwise, deletions will happen when the iPod’s plugged in), then restore the iPod Touch through a computer with the latest version of iTunes. You may also want to reinstall iTunes on any computers that you use to access the iPod Touch.

3. iTunes Music Store Login Issues – You may have noticed that if you use multiple computers to access your iPod Touch, you might lose access to the iTunes Music Store, as the login information you’d originally input changes and you can’t properly access your account to buy music and applications, even free ones. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this problem is to hook the iPod Touch up to a computer that’s set up with the iTunes Music Store account you want to use—settings are ported over from the computer, and at this point there’s no way to change the iTunes settings directly from an iPod Touch.

Do you know of any other technical issues with the iPod Touch? Post in the comments section below.