Features Of Clan Chest in Clash Royale

In the game Clash Royale, the clan chest is the main thing that helps the players to win this game and for earning the crowns. It will help them to participate in various chests, and for earning the clan chest, the clans need to be very much active in the regular arena during the particular season which indicates the very first few days of every week. It is quite an addictive game where you need to have a proper resource to proceed. Golds, gems, elixirs, spells and proper troops help the clan to win the game. The main strategy of this game is to have to destroy the tower of the opponent. The team who can destroy the tower at first will win the game, and there will be a timer. So it’s clear that the game is all about the clan fights or chests.

Basic clan chest features

During clan chest, all the crowns which are gained from normal matchmaking or ladder are counted.

Crowns which are gathered from the challenges like the tournaments or friendly battles and various events do not include, and hence it cannot be included as the contribution which is for the clan chest.

The moment you will earn any crowns from ladder then it will be included in the clan chest and the crown chest so you won’t have to worry about the whereabouts of the gained crowns. For example when you will be getting three crowns then it will automatically include them in your clan chest, and crown chest and each of them will have three crowns in it.

During the clan chest chances of getting any locked cards is very rare.

The cards are physically available when you are participating in the clan chest. When you are in the arena four, then you can expect some magical appearance of these cards.

The time you will be earning during the clan chest will be divided into various schedules known as the Seasons.

Every session will include only three days.

In the very beginning this clan chest it used to have rotations that were visible in every alternate week which is now changed to 1 time a week.

Rotations are known to be crucial in all the three days.

A player should concentrate on gathering the maximum number of Crowns so that they can participate in the different chest. And a clan should have active members in it so that they can produce an average number of 35 crowns per week.

Clan rewards will consist of minimum ten tiers.

The moment you successfully gathered 70 crowns you would unlock the lowest tiers.

You should earn a minimum number of 70 crowns during this period of three days.

If lower tier will be having 18 cards in total with 108 gold as well as have some guaranteed rare.

If you can easily reach the level of tier 10 before the season ends then the entire clan chest will be open to you easily.

Whenever you leave the clan, you won’t be entitled to the rewards which your clan will have during the chest. Even if you rejoin still, it will be the same.

One should properly play this clan chest because it will help you in earning the clash royale free gems tool and trophies during the beginning. If you are unable to gather crowns, then you can drop some trophies, and with every up gradation, a new chest will be unlocked that will help you to gather more resources. But as it is a game which is purely dependent on the strategy so you should spend wisely all the resources. One thing that you should also focus is that the moment you destroy the middle Tower, you will be defeating your opponent so even if you can’t control the movements of your player still trying to destroy the middle Tower quickly. These tips will give you a clear idea of the clan chest.