Detailed information about Bullet Force

Bullet Force is one of online game developed by 18 years old boy who just graduated high school named Lucas Wilde. This is a modern war first person shooter game on mobile with full fledged online play against other players. This game is impressed by all because it’s made in unity by teenager, but the game itself it pretty solid. Many youngsters especially boys are very interested to play this game because shooting is always like by all. In real life the normal person cannot shoot anybody and it cause many issues. Everyone will have an easy time to play Bullet Force on the touch screen. Bullet Force features fully customizable as well as a ton of options in terms of making multiplayer matching. There is single player which allows you to face against the static enemies across the all the game maps. In that many places like offices are also available.

This game will be in early access version. This version has different weapons, and also it consisting of multiple assault rifles, a sniper life, a pistol, an RPF-7, and a shotgun. In multiplayer four game modes are available. There is Free-for-all, Team death match, Conquest, Elimination. In single player two different game player modes are available. They are Campaign (kill all the enemies) and Skirmish (TDM with bots).

How to play Bullet Force

First you need to download this game in your mobile phone then you need to look up free cash bullet force, it’s very useful. Before you enter in to this game, the detailed instruction about that game is provided for your understand. Next you have to select your favorite weapon for attacking your opponents. There are variety weapons are available in that game. So each weapons produce a change of fire, by using this you can attack you opponent. The specialty of the Bullet Force game is that you only choose your opponents, weapons, places, and your teammates. Your goal is to shoot the person who run before you or attack you. All element of primary person shooter is successful where you have weak spot of their opponents and discover the varied obstacles good to use in the battle.  The main skill required in Bullet Force is focus and fast reaction. This game is very easy to play due to that you easily win the match.

Features of Bullet Force

  • Fast based multiplayer action- Fight along all side with your teammates in a massive 20-players using variety of weapons.
  • Custom Matches- Set up the match you want by creating your own custom match.
  • Offline Feature- You doesn’t need an internet connection. You can play this game in offline with bots in Skirmish and Campaign mode.
  • Bullet force contains the free spectator mode making the game perfect with all your needs.

The game bullet force is played mainly to kill the opponent players or terrorist. The player can use heavy weapons and vehicle to destroy your enemy. To win in this battle you need to kill all the enemies and be careful because your enemies also try to kill you. Prevent yourself from the danger.