Only efforts bring enjoyment in Guns of Booms

The gamers who love to play some action, the adventurous game must possess the heart of facing strikes of the opponents. If one is trying out an easy route to achieve success in some awful game like Gun of Boom then trust it is impossible. It is not justified also that some people would get the advantage because of some dollars only. The real gamers will move out of the competition, making the platform a deserted place of heroes. So friends instead of trying out fake Guns of Boom Hacks for guns of boom free gunbucks 2018 have faith in your own ability and face the challenge. There is no shred of doubt that if you play Gun of Booms yourself you would enjoy more.

To proceed to initiate group killing

Before learning the benefits of group killing you must be aware of which means you can perform such an act. Which arms and ammunition can help you to perform group killing. You not only gather more points on increasing rates but also you clear up the possibility of attacks by the enemy. Here grenade can be very effective if properly thrown at the enemy’s territory. Utilize the grenades as soon as you get them. For each daily log in a player gets 5 grenades and another 5 grenades for watching a video.

Grenades can remove the enemy’s group

When you are surrounded grenade is the best option that you can apply to remove the heavy attack of the enemy from all corners. The grenades must be thrown without any hesitation when the enemy has come closer and killed the group with the gun is no way possible. Grenades are also effective when the enemy settled in some pillbox or managed sniper. Actually, when they take some higher position grenades should be used without any delay otherwise you loose on their attack with grenades.

Be a true team member

Playing along with the team in any team game is always beneficial. Hence always try to stay with the team that will improve the possibility of winning the game. Obviously, if the team wins you also win and get the bonus trophy. Moving with the team increases your chances of survival to a great extent. To avoid the dangerous attack of the opposition at the initial stages when there is no advance weapon with you try to stay as much with expert players. Your life is more secured when you make your move with some big players. There can be three positions which one takes in this game.

You can take up a front position with the assault rifle and lead the team. The assault rifles can be reloaded quickly and are very fast.

When you want to stay in the middle of your team, the machinegun although slow in action is the best in use. It is because machineguns are very powerful and can strike on the good range.

If you want to remain at the back sniper rifle is the best choice as you can target an enemy taking higher ground from a long distance.

Bullet force: The Game Features

As a game, bullet force can be compared with an fps game like a counter strike in terms of their gameplay and visuals. Let’s analyze bullet force:

Graphics: There is a total of 8 maps and they are laid out well overall. The guns are rendered well and there are some gems of them that you will be able to get with credits. Along with this, there are little details like moving camos which make the game immersing.

Gameplay: The gameplay falls in the standard in good category. But along with that, there is also the advantage that you will be able to play alone in offline with bots in practice mode. There are also options to play online with other players.

Hackers: It must be said that players who use bullet force cheats are easy to report and the mods take fast action in regards to that.

Not pay to win: Not only is the game free to play but you don’t have to compulsorily pay in terms of realworld money. How can you grind for extra coins then? Just by clicking on their ads and watching them.

But there are places which need improvement:

In the multiplayer room, there are no search options and you will have to search it out by typing the name. This has to be improved so that searching becomes more streamlined and fast to carry out.

You will have to scroll through the whole room if you are looking for a particular room. This takes out the immersing factor out of the game as the player has to spend time looking for a room.

On an overall basis, there needs to be more upgradation in regards to the skill set and other options as the game is limited in terms of diversity. The biggest issue is that the game controls aren’t customizable easily which makes the game feel bulky.

Many players have reported lags where even after shooting the opponent several times they don’t die and instead pick off the players. Along with this, there have been reports of the servers crashing and the players bring blocked randomly. These glitches need to be corrected.

The ability to compare player stats with other players and friends. This just makes the game more competitive and fun to play with.

We would only recommend this game if you are looking for a simple shoot and kill without any other added rewards or features. To be fair, the game is perfect for mindless shooting.

Plan ahead to win 8 Ball Pool

For any success, planning is very important and 8 Ball Pool is no exception. A good player does not decide a single shot rather a series of shots that he would make in his break one after another. Therefore think at least two to three shots. For this, you require to master how much spin you should create or with what power you should hit. Of course, the clock does not permit you to think as much as you required. Again a regular practice of the game would make you a deft player who can always decide his every shot.

Properly utilize the tools

To master your strokes look upon the white guidelines and the direction of it then making a contact with the cue-ball. Then you need to see the other balls which can be potted after the current shot. This would prompt you where to place the cue to pot the next ball. To place the cue on the right place you should hit the cue with the matching power. A little hard or soft would spoil your next hit. Remember two vital points which affect your play.

When you hit softer the ball run through.

If you hard hit it will deflect more.

When you hitting hard on a shot which is dead straight the cue would dead stop at the object ball. In the game, it is known as stun shot.

The various breaks of 8 Ball Pool

In the game of 8 Ball Pool, you can make several breaks. Each player has to develop his/her own style to grab the unlimited wealth through 8 Ball Pool Cheats apk. But let us see two major breaks which can create an advantageous table.

The player should try to make the first shot straight in the triangle. Then with the topspin, the cue should go through the pack with even more power.

With the full backspin hit second at the end ball with full accuracy. This will make the cue to strike the cushion and return to the pack.

Now some may prefer the first style. On this break, several balls come up and are nicely spread out. The whole table creates ample opportunity for the striker. Sometimes the player can apply softer hit to retain the original placement of the balls in their positions. When two compatible players confront each other there is a high chance of this deft soft hitting.

An overview of the game free fire Battleground

Free fire Battleground is a game where the third person will be the shooter. Anyone can play the game on their devices whether it is on the iOS or Android platform. Here you have to compete with other players for your survival by implementing strategies. The game will begin where you will be landed on an isolated island with the help of a parachute. Now there will be 30 more competitors on that Island, and one of the best parts is the island will keep on shrinking. So to survive, you will have to kill the other competitors with the help of weapons or ammunition. So you have to pick the right weapon and attachments for making yourself strong enough so that no one can ambush you.

How to survive for a long time in the field

The game will provide you with various kinds of ammunition, and you will have to decide which one will be suitable for you. In the beginning, you will be landed on an isolated Island so make sure you are selecting a place where there are no competitors. If you land in a place where there are many competitors, then they will defeat you at the beginning of the game.

While traveling to the island, you will have to pick up different types of gears and whatever you see in front of you. Having a lot of back-ups will help you to fight your enemies.

These tips will help you in surviving for a long time in the field. But if you want to make yourself very strong, then you will have to keep upgrading your weapons. You can also try some hacks to gain resources or more gears. For trying the Free Fire Battlegrounds hack apk you will have to follow these steps:

Find a trustable website by looking into the reviews.

After providing with the basic information, you will have to select the generate option.

Now the resources will be added to your account. But do not provide any personal information as it may lead to fraudulent activity.

But in the beginning, you should see some tutorials and learn about the feature of every weapon so that you can easily play the game. You should also buy weapons starting from pistols to shotgun to kill your enemies. And with every passing day, you will be developing your skills of aiming so this is a very addictive game once you learn it to play.

Three Common Technical Problems with the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is the most fun version of the iPod to date, due to its huge array of additional applications that can provide every service from estimations on car repair to a way to help users stop smoking. However, these additional uses come with a price; there are some technical issues that tend to plague the iPod Touch, although given the device’s complex operating system, not as many as some tech-heads might have been expecting. Here’s a look at a few common technical issues that users of the iPod Touch might come across.

1. Freezing While Using Safari – Some iPod Touch users have reported the Safari browser freezing up occasionally, requiring the user to reset the iPod Touch (if you weren’t aware, the iPod Touch can be reset by holding down the top button until a prompt comes up). This usually occurs when there’s little space on the device, and music is playing while surfing the web. To lower the chances of a freeze, clear some space from your iPod Touch by deleting some applications or music, and try not to use the music player while also browsing with Safari. Recent updates to the iPod Touch OS have helped to clear this problem up, so be sure to update your iPod Touch by connecting it to a computer with the latest version of Apple iTunes.

2. Music Deletion Issues – Some iPod Touch users may see songs spontaneously delete themselves, especially if they’re using two computers. The solution is to first check the sync settings on each computer to make sure that nothing’s different (otherwise, deletions will happen when the iPod’s plugged in), then restore the iPod Touch through a computer with the latest version of iTunes. You may also want to reinstall iTunes on any computers that you use to access the iPod Touch.

3. iTunes Music Store Login Issues – You may have noticed that if you use multiple computers to access your iPod Touch, you might lose access to the iTunes Music Store, as the login information you’d originally input changes and you can’t properly access your account to buy music and applications, even free ones. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this problem is to hook the iPod Touch up to a computer that’s set up with the iTunes Music Store account you want to use—settings are ported over from the computer, and at this point there’s no way to change the iTunes settings directly from an iPod Touch.

Do you know of any other technical issues with the iPod Touch? Post in the comments section below.

Features Of Clan Chest in Clash Royale

In the game Clash Royale, the clan chest is the main thing that helps the players to win this game and for earning the crowns. It will help them to participate in various chests, and for earning the clan chest, the clans need to be very much active in the regular arena during the particular season which indicates the very first few days of every week. It is quite an addictive game where you need to have a proper resource to proceed. Golds, gems, elixirs, spells and proper troops help the clan to win the game. The main strategy of this game is to have to destroy the tower of the opponent. The team who can destroy the tower at first will win the game, and there will be a timer. So it’s clear that the game is all about the clan fights or chests.

Basic clan chest features

During clan chest, all the crowns which are gained from normal matchmaking or ladder are counted.

Crowns which are gathered from the challenges like the tournaments or friendly battles and various events do not include, and hence it cannot be included as the contribution which is for the clan chest.

The moment you will earn any crowns from ladder then it will be included in the clan chest and the crown chest so you won’t have to worry about the whereabouts of the gained crowns. For example when you will be getting three crowns then it will automatically include them in your clan chest, and crown chest and each of them will have three crowns in it.

During the clan chest chances of getting any locked cards is very rare.

The cards are physically available when you are participating in the clan chest. When you are in the arena four, then you can expect some magical appearance of these cards.

The time you will be earning during the clan chest will be divided into various schedules known as the Seasons.

Every session will include only three days.

In the very beginning this clan chest it used to have rotations that were visible in every alternate week which is now changed to 1 time a week.

Rotations are known to be crucial in all the three days.

A player should concentrate on gathering the maximum number of Crowns so that they can participate in the different chest. And a clan should have active members in it so that they can produce an average number of 35 crowns per week.

Clan rewards will consist of minimum ten tiers.

The moment you successfully gathered 70 crowns you would unlock the lowest tiers.

You should earn a minimum number of 70 crowns during this period of three days.

If lower tier will be having 18 cards in total with 108 gold as well as have some guaranteed rare.

If you can easily reach the level of tier 10 before the season ends then the entire clan chest will be open to you easily.

Whenever you leave the clan, you won’t be entitled to the rewards which your clan will have during the chest. Even if you rejoin still, it will be the same.

One should properly play this clan chest because it will help you in earning the clash royale free gems tool and trophies during the beginning. If you are unable to gather crowns, then you can drop some trophies, and with every up gradation, a new chest will be unlocked that will help you to gather more resources. But as it is a game which is purely dependent on the strategy so you should spend wisely all the resources. One thing that you should also focus is that the moment you destroy the middle Tower, you will be defeating your opponent so even if you can’t control the movements of your player still trying to destroy the middle Tower quickly. These tips will give you a clear idea of the clan chest.

Can You Really Trust Typical Homescapes Reviews?

Homescapes is a very popular mobile game app that’s available both on the Apple IOS and Google Android platforms. It’s very easy to see why this game has caught the attention of casual gamers all over the planet. First of all, it’s free. You can download it freely. You don’t have to pay to register. You can play it at your own time. It’s very intuitive. It’s very easy to understand and because of these easy access, its puzzles are actually quite addictive.

Not surprisingly, more and more people are getting turned on to Homescapes. If you are on the fence as to whether you should download it or install it on your own phone or other mobile devices, you’re probably thinking of checking out some Homescapes reviews. Keep in mind that these reviews are often slanted. It’s not like they are going out of their way to promote Homescapes. In fact, the game is already so popular that it really doesn’t need any additional promotion. It pretty much promotes itself.

The slant that I’m talking about really boils down to the kind of information you would stumble upon when you read reviews for mobile games. It’s very easy to come up with a distorted view of the game which can eventually interfere with your gameplay. You might think that it is more difficult than it really is. You might even be under the impression that there are certain complexities where none really exists.

This is the bias that you should be on the lookout for. How do you fix this problem? First of all, you have to understand that just like with any other pattern solving game, Homescapes really tries to push you to buy coins. When you buy coins, you solve a lot more of the puzzles and this can get you out of a tight spot.

If you don’t want to buy coins, you can get free access to Homescapes coins through the use of Homescapes hack. You just download an app, you follow instructions and after a few minutes, you have extra coins. The secret here is to be as efficient as possible with the coins that you get, whether you generate the coins through the game or you get it through Homescapes hacks, you need to watch every coins unit as possible because if you blow through it quickly, you’re going to run into a wall when you face a very difficult level. The secret is to use coins only when you need to.

This is the proper approach. This is why when you’re going through Homescapes reviews, look at what they all agree on. This is how you can tell whether people are just playing to your fears or casting doubt on a game or whether real issues exist. Keep in mind that anybody can post a one-star rating but if you know how to read between the lines, you can get a fairly accurate picture as to whether a game is worth downloading and worth playing or is a complete and total waste of your time. Know the difference because it’s too easy to just go through game after game, download after download and waste a tremendous amount of time.


Homescapes, by and large, is not a waste of time because a lot of people are big fans of this game, but you just need to get out from under whatever subtle biases and false assumptions you may pick up due to these reviews. Know how to read them properly so you can approach the game the right way.